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Fire Cistern - Traditional Draft Design

Fire Cistern - Traditional Draft Design
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Fire Protection System

Fire Protection System
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NFPA MemberFIRE CISTERNS are reliable year round dedicated water sources for fire fighting, often required when there is no central piped water supply in the area.

Providing a fire cistern in compliance with the local fire department's design and storage volume requirements may reduce insurance premiums and create a valuable emergency water resource available to the entire community.

The NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) has published guidelines regarding the location and volume of an appropriate fire cistern, based on the property or structure it is designed to protect. Please consult with your local Fire Chief about any such project before you start planning for an underground water storage tank.

The illustration on the right is one example of a common "draft" or suction type fire cistern design. (See Illustration #1 & #2)

There are many different possible layouts; some will require drafting, while others may provide a gravity flow or pumped discharge. Work with your Fire Department to ensure the system will work as planned when needed.

Fire Departments also often use underground tanks for testing their truck mounted fire pumps. This process is called “Annual Testing” and ensures the equipment will perform as expected when called upon. The size and layout of a test tank will vary based on the flow rate of the pumps and the number of trucks to be tested, one after another. Contact Darco for information on several popular pump test facility designs. (See Illustration #3)

Darco manufactures NFPA compliant underground fire cisterns and fire sprinkler reservoirs.

Project Showcase

Fire Cisterns picture

Veterans Construction Company (Alabama): Suction fire cistern / 20,000 gallons

Imperial National Wildlife Refuge (Arizona): Underground water storage tank for use as a fire cistern / 30,000 gallons

Pine / Strawberry Fire Department (Arizona): Fire apparatus pump testing and fire cistern / 12,000 gallons

Ameristar Casino (Colorado): Direct bury underground holding tank for fire protection / 32,000 gallons

River Island Ranch - New Development (Colorado): Four separate underground fire protection tanks / 120,000 gallons

Riccardi Bros. Construction Co. (Connecticut): Traditional suction fire cistern / 30,000 gallons

El Dorado Subdivision (Florida): Underground fiberglass tank used to create a fire cistern for the subdivision / 32,000 gallons

University of Idaho / Farm Site (Idaho): Fire protection tank for off campus agriculture building / 18,000 gal

Pocatello Valley Fire District (Idaho): Fire water storage tank for remote rural water supply / 8,000 gallons

Betsy lane High School (Kentucky): Cistern tank for stand pipes / 15,000 gallons

Islesboro Fire Department (Maine): Underground fiberglass tank water storage supply for rural fire department / 20,000 gallons

Baden Fire District #3 (Maryland): Fire cistern for rural F. D. / 3 - 30,000 gal.

R.W.K.S. Engineering (Maryland): Rural land development, fire cistern / 20,000 gallons

Carpenter's and Company (Massachusetts): Fire protection tank for manufacturer / 12,000 gal.

Wampanoag Indian Tribe / Martha's Vineyard Island (Massachusetts): Fire cistern for Tribal buildings / 15,000 gallons

Santiago Fire Station (Minnesota): Rural fire station fire water storage supply / 10,000 gallons

Frontenack Engineering (Missouri): Rural land development fire cistern / 60,000 gallons

M.S.C. Engineering (New Hampshire): Rural land development, fire cistern / 20,000 gallons

Fire Station #51 (Ohio): Fire cistern for remote fire station water supply / 4,000 gal.

Appalachian RC&D Council (Tennessee): Rural suction fire cistern / 8,000 gallons

San Juan County Emergency Services (Utah): Fiberglass underground water tanks to supply water for fire fighting and road construction / 6 sites, each 10,000 gallons

Ken Dee Ranch - Horse barn, riding arena, and guest house (Utah): Underground water storage for potable water and back-up fire protection / 60,000 gallons

Ferring Residence (Virginia): Residential rainwater capture system used for irrigation and fire protection / 8,000 gallons

Bluff Haven Estates (Washington): Fire fighting water supply / 18,000 gallons

Freemont County Fire Authority (Wyoming): Fiberglass water storage tanks for rural fire stations / 30,000 gallons for 3 different stations

Hat Butte Ranch (Wyoming): Residential underground cistern tank for potable water and back-up fire cistern / 20,000 gallons

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